Sunday, January 18, 2015

Once Upon a Time, I Wanted to be an Artist

I alluded to a degree in Interior Design. It was just a two year degree, but I did get it in 1996. In this degree program I had to take LOTS of art classes. Some of which I liked, others I hated.

Photography. I selected it as my elective. I hated it on the first day, because it cost me $1000 in supplies, just for that class. This is back before the advent of "Digital" photography. It ended up being my favorite class of the entire program. I love taking pictures.

Anyway, this post is about some of the "work" I did back then. Because of my basement flooding, some of this stuff got moldy. I had previously scanned all my drafting work, but I didn't do the "art" work, because I didn't want to get the medium (graphite, charcoal, etc) all in the large format scanner. I should have done it on my last day. Ugh. Hated that job.

I just took these pictures with my cell phone, before I threw the originals away. You can see that the pictures were taken outside.

Sometimes I miss drawing. Once my larger projects (sewing, crochet, etc) are out of the way, maybe I can be artistic like this again. I still have all the supplies. Heck. I might even take a class or two, just for fun.

Above, that's supposed to be Harley-Davidson Motorcycles transforming into Eagle heads. I "think" that was a take on Escher? Didn't he do something like that? Anyway, it was an assignment. I just picked the subject.

Above, OMG, this class was a PITA. The instructor had such a love for the Craftsman style. I did, however, enjoy learning how to do perspective drawings.

Above, this is about the closest you'll get to seeing who I am. It's a self portrait. I asked My Love what he thought, and he said he could definitely see it.

Above, the things we do in our youth. Yes. I was a smoker. Ok, so maybe it's not just youth. I haven't had a cigarette since 2008. I've always been an on and off smoker. I pick it up, and put it down with the drop of a hat. I'm serious. I don't have a physical addiction to it. When I decide I don't want to do it, I just don't do it. I DO sometimes like the smell of fresh smoke. I walked past someone smoking just last week and I miss smoking. My lungs sure don't though. I don't think I'll have another cigarette at any point in the rest of my life.

Above, that's the ink bottle and box. I always had such trouble making art from inside my head. My "Art" is always something I have to look at the subject. My crochet on the other hand, that all comes out of my head.

Above, working on capturing texture or something like that. There was a sheet the teacher hung on the wall. This is my interpretation of it.

What do you think? Do you also miss the "art" you created as a kid?

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