Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Blanket for the Little Prince

My best buddy went and had a baby. Well, more accurately his new wife had a baby. The little Prince needed a very special gift. I DO tend to hand make gifts for babies, but the blankets aren't usually as personalized as this one.

Baby Daddy is a HUGE Magic the Gathering fan, so of course I had to make a MtG blanket for the Prince. I scoured the internet for MtG fabric. Lets face it, it's a lot easier to sew a receiving blanket than it is to make a one of a kind crochet creation. Alas, I was unable to find fabric. Ok. Pinterest to the rescue!

I found a pin that showed each of the Mana symbols on hats. WTF are you talking about, you say? There are 5 different types of basic Mana cards in Magic. Plains/White, Swamp/Black, Forrest/Green, Islands/Blue, Mountains/Red. You can read more about the symbols here

I would give credit if I had actually thought to record the website instead of just taking a cell phone pic of my computer screen. :(

Five isn't a great number to work with, so I added in a tap and un-tap to make it a total of 12 blocks (two sets).

In progress.

To say Baby Daddy loved the blanket is an understatement. He still thanks me for HIS blanket. I have to correct him each time. Ha. Maybe I'll make him a hat for Christmas this year?

Yeah, the kid was 4 months old before I actually finished/gave the blanket to him. ;/
I finished it, didn't I? And don't we all look happy about it? ;)

Have you made a special baby present? How was it received? Did you finish it before the kiddo was walking?

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